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8. október 20.00
(NFG klub, Korzo Bélu Bartóka 788/1 – back entrance)

Santa Diver (HU)

Santa Diver’s music has been influenced by the freedom of jazz, the minimalism of techno, the trance experience and energy of the Maroccan gnawa music, as well as the sensibility of romantic music. The technoid conception and pulsation of the music formation, its wide range of melodies coming from jazz and various types of folk music call forth a truly current type of music.

Kézdy Luca – violin, electronics
Szesztay Dávid – bass
Halmos András – drums

Jazzcause (SK)

Marian Michlo alias Jazzcause has been influenced by various music styles, from metal to punk, funk, old skool, hip-hop, electronic music and jazz. Apart from drum&bass and dubstep Jazzcause performs various music styles and that not only from electronic sphere.

9. október
(Culture Hall, Korzo Bélu Bartóka 788/1)
17.30 Opening of the exhibition of Soós László’s photographies on music

Culture commando: Gurigongo Symposium

Október 9. 13.00
(Culture Hall, Korzo Bélu Bartóka 788/1)

13.00 International music workshop with Dzsindzsa


Projekt Z (CZ)

Projekt Z plays original music inspired by various sources that span from free-jazz to punk to classical. It could be described as experimental jazz as opposed to traditional jazz or main-stream. Unusual preparations and sound effects are characteristic features of the group’s sounding.

Petr Zelenka – guitar
Marcel Bárta – saxophones
Dano Šoltis – drums

Dzsindzsa (HU)
Dzsindzsa is a Hungarian music band, founded in 2005. Their music is inspired by the avantgarde performers of the 60’s America, but also contains elements from mainstream jazz as well as folk and beat music. Dzsindzsa is known for its spontaneous and unique performances.

Weisz Gábor – saxophones
Hock Ernő – doublebass
G. Szabó Hunor – drums

100nka (PL)

100nka is a Polish jazz trio based in Katowice which is trying to give a new musical dimension to the conventional or traditional music forms using electronics and special guitar effects. The trio is one of the most interesting and experimental formations of the widely acknowledged Polish jazz scene.

Tomek Leś – guitar
Adam Stodolski – doublebass
Przemek Borowiecki – drums, percussion